unfeigned was founded with a conscious soul. In our short but deep journey we have worked very hard to improve each and every detail throughout our processes to become more and more sustainable. Here we mention all the steps we have taken in our few years of life and our goals from now on as a company and fashion brand.

our path to become 100% sustainable

certified company

since our beginning we desired to express our social commitment by acquiring global leading certifications that could prove the quality of our garments but also to be transparent about the processes behind them.

In addition, being GOTS and GRS accredited as a company means that all our suppliers are part of the certified chain.

local production and a more responsible manufacturing

signing partnerships with all our suppliers, based in Portugal and Spain, which means we are lowering our CO2 footprint by accomplishing a 100% local production.

Reaching almost zero water usage in the washing step of our pants. Implementing O3 and EcoTint Technology.

total transparency

with the aim of being totally transparent with our community we have started using Retraced's app. It focusses on informing the final customer about the whole process behind each product.

becoming B-Corporation

improving every little detail that makes the difference and hoping to pave the way for the future of fashion consumption.