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Proyectos Geek S.L.

C/ de Fernando VI 17, L.20

28004 (Madrid).

Telephone: +34 911 270 174


General manager: Rafael Gómez Ruiz

VAT number B86724309,

Proyectos Geek, S.L. is listed on the Commercial Register of Madrid with VAT number B86724309, on sheet M-558796, of Volume 31046, Page number 165.

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2.1.- General conditions

The terms and conditions contained in this Legal Notice regulate the use of the Website (hereinafter, the "Website") that Proyectos Geek, S.L. (hereinafter, “UNFEIGNED”) makes available to the Users who access its Website (hereinafter, the “User” or “Users”).

The Website offers to the Users fashion, footwear and accessories online sales services worldwide.

The use of the Website by the Users entails the acceptance of all the conditions contained in this Legal Terms.

Purchase in the Online Store is subject to special terms set out in Section 3 (PURCHASE TERMS), which, where appropriate complete the Web Conditions and must be accepted by the Users before the relevant service is supplied.

The User undertakes to use the contents and services in a diligent, legal, correct and lawful manner and, without limitation, shall refrain from using the contents and services in a manner that produces or may produce effects contrary to the terms of these Web Conditions or law, generally accepted good practices or public order;

2.2.- Intellectual and Industrial Property rights

The entire Contents of the Website, which shall be deemed also to include, without limitation, texts, photographs, movies, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, domain names, brands, music and other audio visual or sound Contents, interactive features as well as their graphic design and source codes are the property of UNFEIGNED or its licensors are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights governed by national and international regulations.

The use of any types of element protected by industrial and intellectual property rights for any purpose, especially commercial purposes, and the distribution, communication, modification, alteration, transformation or decompilation thereof shall be strictly prohibited without the express written authorisation of UNFEIGNED or of the owner of the element protected.

2.3.- Use of passwords

Access to the services provided through the Website may or not be exercised by signing up on an account (“UNFEIGNED Account”)

Should the User be registered, a password must be chosen. It will allow to access to the UNFEIGNED Account. Requests of the User’s personal data shall be governed by the Privacy Policy.

Passwords assigned by You to the UNFEIGNED Account shall be personal and non-transferable, and the assignment to third parties it is not permitted even on a temporary basis. In this regard, Users undertake to use the Password in a diligent way and keep it secret. You are responsible to maintain exclusive control of the password. It is important to keep secure and confidential the account password. 

2.4.- Links to third parties (Outbound Links)

The service might include technical linking mechanisms, directories and even search tools which permit You to access other Internet websites (hereinafter, "Linked Sites").

In the event that You consider that there is a Linked Site with illicit or inappropriate Content, You may report this to UNFEIGNED through the e-mail specified in the beginning of this Legal Notice providing:

  • from the notifier: name, address, phone number and email address;
  • a description of the facts that reveal the illegal or inappropriate nature of the Linked Site; and
  • an express statement by confirming the accuracy of the information. In no case this communication entails the obligation to remove the link, or supposed, in accordance with the LSSI, an actual knowledge of the activities and / or contents indicated by the notifier.


In no event shall the existence of Linked Sites entail the presumption of agreements with the entities responsible for the same or owners of the same, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of UNFEIGNED with the statements, Content or the Service provided. 

If Users decide to visit and/or use any of the Linked Sites, Users shall do so at their own risk and shall take the relevant protection measures against viruses or other harmful elements.

2.5.- Links to the website (Inbound links) 

UNFEIGNED shall be able to request, at any time and without having to give reasons for the request, that any link to the Website is removed, after which the person responsible for the website offering the link shall remove the link immediately.

2.6. Liability 

UNFEIGNED shall not be liable for any interruption, delay, error, malfunction of the service or, in general, any other inconvenience owing to reasons beyond the control of UNFEIGNED, and/or due to the Users acting negligently or fraudulently and/or due to force majeure.

UNFEIGNED shall not be held responsible for the use made by the Users of the Website’s Contents and any other material contained in the Website, which might entail a breach of any type of rule, national or international, intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third party right. Likewise, UNFEIGNED shall not be held responsible for any possible security errors that might be produced as a result of using browsers that have not been updated, or the consequences that might derive from the malfunctioning of the browser, whether due to incorrect configuration, the presence of a computer virus or any other cause not attributable to UNFEIGNED.

2.7.- Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

Unless otherwise set out by the applicable law, the relationship between UNFEIGNED and You shall be governed by current Spanish law.



3.1.-General provisions. 

3.1.1. The present Purchase Terms, set out the purchase conditions of the products acquired by the Client (the “Products”) through the website online shop (the “Online Store”), managed by Proyectos Geek S.L., with V.A.T. B-86724309 and registered office at C/ de Fernando VI 17, L.20, (“UNFEIGNED” or “We”).

The use of the Website, the booking or purchasing of any of the Products entails the acceptance, without any remark, of all the conditions contained in this Purchase Terms, Legal Terms and in the Privacy Policy. To this end, by accepting the present Purchase Terms you acknowledge that you have read and agree the Privacy Policy and the Legal Terms.

 For the above purpose, it shall be deemed as a Client the User which uses the services included within the Online Store; specially, the User which purchases the Products on sale through the Online Store.

3.1.2. UNFEIGNED reserves the right to decide at any time the Products offered through the Online Store. Thus, UNFEIGNED may at any time add new products to those included in the Online Store, provided, unless otherwise, that such new Products shall be governed by the provisions of the Purchase Terms in force at that time. Also UNFEIGNED reserves the right to cease providing access at any time and without notice, to any of the Products offered in the Online Store.

3.2.- How to buy at UNFEIGNED?

3.2.1. For the acquisition of any Product at the Online Store, you must follow the prompts on the screen and accept the purchase through the relevant indications. It shall mean that you have read and accepted the Purchase Terms, the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice. These conditions are available by clicking on them.

3.2.2. Once you have selected the Product you want to buy, you can add it to the shopping cart by clicking on the button Add to cart without purchasing commitment. At any time you can see your shopping cart by clicking on the upper right button with the symbol of the cart or clicking on the Check out button. Any selected item can be removed from the shopping cart by clicking on the [x] button.

3.2.3. The prices of the products shown in the Online Store are expressed in euros and include any applicable taxes and other costs that may apply to them. Shipping costs shall be applied to the delivery of products and be shown where applicable.

3.2.4. If you want to continue with the purchase of selected Products in the shopping cart, you must click on the Check out button. Then we will ask your personal information. Before providing it, make sure you have read and understood the Privacy Policy.

3.2.5. Information marked with an asterisk must always be fulfilled. After entering your information, you can check that the details are correct and, if necessary, you can correct those that are wrong by clicking the edit button.

3.2.6. Payment of the Products is managed through the Shopify Paymentss system (card payments), Paypal, Google pay and/or Apple pay. At this point, you will have to proceed to complete the relevant data or fulfill the relevant form to which you may be redirected, depending on the method selected.

3.2.7. Almost done! To complete the purchase process, click on the Continue to pay button. Before ending the purchase process, you can still cancel your purchase at any time by closing the browser page.

3.2.8. After completing the purchase, you will receive within 24 hours from your purchase a confirmation on the email address you provided. Both, the order information and the Purchase Terms are included in the order confirmation sent to you and they can be easily printed or saved in your email. You can also download the Purchase Terms independently by accessing through the link provided and using the browser commands to save the document.

3.3.- Delivery.

Check our Delivery policy at Shipping & Returns.

3.4.- Returns.

Check our returns & reminds policy at Shipping & Returns.

3.5.- Liability and disclaimers

We are responsible for delivering the Products to you that (i) comply with the description given by us and possess the qualities that we have presented in this website, (ii) fit the purposes for which the Products are normally used and (iii) show the quality and performance which are normal in products of the same type and can which can reasonably be expected.

Bear in mind that some Products will often contain the natural characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture of the completed item. Natural characteristics such as texture and colour variation should not be classed as faults or defects, but a part of the individual appearance of the Product.

Should You have any claim, please check section 3.7 for further information.

3.6.- Amendment of the conditions.

Due to changes in our trade policy or due to a law requirement, we can make at any time modifications on the Online Store and on the Purchase Terms. Note that when you buy, the Purchase Terms in force at the time you make the request shall be applied, unless required by law or as requested by a public authority, we are obliged to change these terms.

If any clause or provision of the Purchase Terms are found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such clause or provision shall be excluded from these Purchase Terms and shall not affect to the validity or enforceability of the rest of clauses o provisions.

3.7.- Have a doubt or a claim

For any query or issue related to the purchase process, you can contact us through the email

Also if you like to make a claim or have any doubt about the Product, do not hesitate in contacting us at the email





To Proyectos Geek S.L., with social address at C/ de Fernando VI 17, L.20

and e-mail


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– Ordered on/Received on (*)

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