unfeigned is a menswear line dedicated from the start to quality, clean design and a genuine commitment to bringing a human touch to the business of getting dressed.

We are a family business created in Madrid with an eye towards shaping a fresh vision for high-end fashion and offering pieces that stand the test of time. The brand is a new take on classics: simple lines, high-tech fabrics and timeless cuts, creating a modern but understated look.

Every piece is locally made in Portugal and Spain with select materials that are durable and flow with any lifestyle. What we are talking about is city gear that offers limitless comfort while looking sharp.


Our desire to rethink design and our love for comfort has led us to create gear for modern minds.

At unfeigned we aim to reimagine the concept of smart dressing. In every collection we explore fabrics for contemporary living and reshape the relationship between fashion choices and our active lifestyle.

Every piece is locally made in Portugal and Spain using high quality materials such as organic cotton and recycled materials, delivering a new take on classics that stands the test of time. We are always researching the finest textiles to make pieces with a clean design and offering high performance features. Our tech-infused garments reflect this. All are made with recycled fabrics and many are water repellent.

This is how we came to produce pieces that offer 24/7 comfort. Elevated clothes made with select materials that have you looking sharp and flow with any lifestyle, from work to travel to just hanging out.



We bring together a community of people who seek refined pieces that work with their active lifestyle.

We design and produce each item in the most sustainable manner possible and hope to pave the way for the future of fashion consumption. 

We produce all our garments using organic cotton, recycled fabrics, or other types of environmentally responsible materials.

We work closely with organisations and suppliers that are the best in their fields to ensure that our high quality standards are met.

We believe in offering a simplified lifestyle by making the right fashion choices.

unfeigned launched its first ready to wear collection for spring-summer’20 online and with selected stockists in Spain, the UK and Germany. Since then, the brand has developed its wholesale channel and expanded its presence in the US, Japan andEurope. Now unfeigned has a physical presence with its first flagship store in Madrid, which includes their office and showroom.

Our curiosity and interest in developing something cool that we could wear over and over without getting tired of it motivated us to create this line. The goal was simple: to live our day-to-day, travel, go to work or meet friends always showing up with a smart yet comfortable look that could offer both style and high quality.

Being well-travelled, we always have our eyes open towards new brands and the latest trends. Very much inspired by our own active lifestyle, which melds sports and city life, we wanted to reflect that idea of being on point at any occasion, which belongs very much to our own Mediterranean culture.

Even though nowadays the line combines both organic cotton with recycled technical fabrics, the root of unfeigned started with the founder’s favorite piece: the basic t-shirt. In a search to find a simple, durable white t-shirt that was stylish but could also last, the unfeigned t-shirt was created. It has longer length at the back, side slits and is made from a heavyweight 100% organic cotton, and remains our best-selling piece.



The matter of sustainability remains at the core of our business. We want to be 100% transparent with our community in order to cut through the noise in the fashion industry. At unfeigned we believe a better purchase decision means less impact for the long term. 

We have consciously designed each piece to the last detail by using responsible and recycled materials. From 100% organic cotton and tencel to post-consumer polyester, recycled PA and seaqual, unfeigned’s focus has always been on offering the best quality pieces by choosing fabrics and processes that support the philosophy of the brand.

From the start, we chose to manufacture in Spain and Portugal because of the proximity and the feeling of extending the family affair with our suppliers. We make sure that every employee works in the best environment possible, is treated with respect and given fair wages.

This close relationship and short deadlines between processes and approvals are key to our principles as a brand. This means we protect our product, supervising every single detail so we can offer the highest quality pieces.

The whole process reflects our commitment with the planet. Our products are shipped without using any plastic on the packaging and, should we have to, we use recycled sources. Additionally, the label on each piece is made with recycled material.

We make it easy for our customers to track the entire journey of each product so that they know the whole process behind each piece before purchasing. This starts with the yarn and fabric suppliers and continues to the final steps, with arrival at our warehouse and delivery to their home.

We are now B-Corp certified.