unfeigned was founded with the goal of creating a sustainable, contemporary and functional line. 

With a conscious soul, our brand strives to fade the borders between smart and casual wear.

unfeigned’s collections feature timeless and sleek pieces inspired by the athleisure aesthetics.

Our intention is to minimise our footprint on the planet while offering pieces that are everlasting.

"our vision is to reshape the world"


We bring together a community of people who seek refined pieces that work with their active lifestyle.

We design and produce each item in the most sustainable manner possible and hope to pave the way for the future of fashion consumption. 

We produce all our garments using organic cotton, recycled fabrics, or other types of environmentally responsible materials.

We work closely with organisations and suppliers that are the best in their fields to ensure that our high quality standards are met.

We believe in changing the way we dress by reshaping how we make clothes.

At unfeigned we work with global leading certifications. We choose to work closely with suppliers who are motivated by the principles of quality, efficiency, attention to detail and love for our planet. You will find the certification tags inside your unfeigned gear.

We have consciously designed each piece to the last detail by using responsible materials, such as bio-resin buttons in addition to the mother of pearl or wooden ones that we have being using since our first collection. 

The label on each piece is made with recycled material. We try not to use any plastic on the packaging and, should we have to, we use recycled sources. 

We track the entire journey of each product so that customers know the whole process behind each piece they purchase. 

This starts with the yarn and fabric suppliers and continues to the final steps, with arrival at our warehouse and delivery to their home.

our commitment

We want to be 100% transparent with our community in order to cut through the noise in the fashion industry. At unfeigned we believe a better purchase decision means less impact for the long term. 

This is why we decided to produce locally, with responsible and sustainable manufacturers who are located in Portugal and Spain, where every employee works in the best environment possible, is treated with respect, given fair wages, and where there is no child labour.